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We would like to inform,  that we have recently hosted three auditors – representatives of Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation in the Training Centre for Marine Officers (SDKO) . The purpose of this audit was to extend the "recognition certificate" of the centre to new training courses conducted in English. Read more....
The Training Centre For Marine Officers currently offers the following dynamic positioning courses:
1. DP Induction/Basic course NI accredited
This accredited, theoretical course is the first step of The Nautical Institute DP operator scheme; it starts the process of training and practice that will need to be carried out also on board the dp marine unit.

2. DP Simulator/Advanced course NI accredited
This accredited, practical course is the next step of The Nautical Institute DP operator scheme; this stage takes place only after the succesfull comletion of DP familirization on the DP marine unit.

3. DP Revalidation course NI accredited
This accredited course is disigned for all officers who have already been issued a DPO certificate from The Nautical Institute but are unable to revalidate their DPO certificate due to insufficient sea time onboard DP vessels

4. DP Refreshment  
This is a course designed for existing DPO's to update their knowledge of the latest industry requirements, guidelines and principles of Dynamic Positioning 

5. DP/Kongsberd K-POS 2 Familiarization
This is a course designed for existing DPO's as well as prospective operators; intended for all who need detailed familiarisation with the Kongsberg K-Pos 2 system